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High Speed Doors

Are you looking for doors that significantly reduce energy costs and create more comfortable working conditions? I & S Industrial Door Services Ltd produce fast action doors that are ideal for intensive use and due to their operating speed will dramatically reduce draughts and heat loss as well as optimising traffic flow and could save up to 20-30 per cent on these items.

A typical industrial door measuring 4000mm x 4000mm takes about 90 seconds to complete its operating cycle. Typical daily use will mean that the door is typically open in excess of three hours per day. Often the aggravation of opening and closing a conventional door means it will be left open all day.

Types of Speed Door

Our speed doors can be split into two categories – rolling (instant roll and mini roll) and folding (Instant Pass). They have been manufactured for over 30 years and are CE marked to comply with European Machinery Directive.

We supply fast action doors offering a range of industrial doors including roller shutters and steel doors. Contact us today for a free quotation