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Sectional Overhead Doors

Are you looking for doors that are designed to save space? Consisting of parallel sections our sectional doors are retracted under the ceiling to save space, leaving the entire space free.

Depending on the requirement, the door is either swivelled at an angle of 90° behind the lintel, moves upwards in line with the slope of the roof, or deposited in the vertical position.

A business you can trust

The method which our sectional doors operate has been tried and true for years, and is a safe and economical answer both for investors and users. There is a wide selection of sectional doors available, with various design combinations and features.

Whether needed for heated or unheated halls, I & S Industrial Door Services Ltd’ sectional doors meet all the requirements, and all versions guarantee extreme robustness, quiet operation, optimum lighting, plus design-oriented and hard-wearing surfaces. Call us in Oldbury for more information.